Give the lime a little roll against a hard surface, remove the bottom and top caps and cut into eight pieces. Put the lime pieces into a glass, add the sugar, crush with a pestle and pour on the cola and rum.

Drizzle the Steak with oil from both sides, rub the well and season with salt liberally.

Oli cast iron grid and sear the Steak for 2 minutes from each side - turn the for 45° after 90 seconds for a nice branding and repeat on repeat this process on the other side.

Move the Steak to indirect heat (if using a Big Green Egg, add the conveggtor) and brush it with the Cuba Libre. Close the lid and brush again after 5 minutes.

As soon as it has reached an internal temperature of 56°C / 132,8°F the Steak is ready. Leave to rest for 5 minutes, remove the from the bone and enjoy!

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T-Bone Steak "Cuba Libre"


Dry aged T-Bone Steak
Salt, Pepper
Olive Oil
1 tbs. Brown Sugar
250 ml Cola (Red Bull)
1 Lime
4 cl Rum

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