Cut the venison shoulder into cubes, season to taste with BBQ Rub, coarsely chop up the dried pears and mix everything well together with the beef fat.

Mince the and form four Burger patties. Grill the burgers on direct heat for 2 minutes from each side. Move them to indirect heat and put a slice of Mountain Cheese on top, close the lid and cook for 8-10 minutes. In the meantime, brush the Buns with some oil and toast them.

Add cranberry BBQ sauce on the toasted bottom bun, add some lamb´s lettuce and put a burger patty on top. Finish the burger with some red onion marmalade and ejoy!

Stay tuned, see you soon!

Venison Burger


800g Venison shoulder
100g Beef Fat
4 Burger Bun
4 Slices of Mountain Cheese
Lamb´s Salad
Venison BBQ Rub
Onion Marmelade
150g Dried Pears
Cranberry BBQ Sauce: Recipe here

Used tools & products:

Wilder Klaus BBQ Rub:

Onion Marmelade - Stokes :

My Global Knife:

Kitchen Aid:

Kitchen Aid Grinder:

Burger Tuner: